When I heard the rumours of Mark Hughes being replaced by Roberto Mancini prior to City's game against Sunderland on Saturday I immediately brushed them off as paper talk.

Why sack somebody who just recently led his team to a victory over the league leaders, Chelsea? It made no sense.

Around 8 o'clock that night, after I'd finished sulking over Liverpool's result, I turned on Sky Sports News and was ashtonished to read what was rolling across the bottom of my screen.

Unfortunately the game of football is slowly turning into a bit of a farce, as much as I love the game I simply can't comprehend the actions of the owners of Manchester City, it reminded me of the circus that goes on annually at Real Madrid. Sacking Del Bosque after claiming the European Cup and parting company with Capello after winning La Liga.

There is no logic to Manchester City's decision. Let's look at the facts;
- City have 2 defeats all season, less than anyone else in the league
- They beat Chelsea just a couple of weeks ago
- They are in the semi-final of a cup competition after beating Arsenal 3-0
- City lie 6th in the Premier League, with a game in hand over most clubs around them
- They have played 17 games out of 38 in the league this season

Where do the owners expect City to be right now? On top of the table? In the top four?

It's clear the owners want overnight success. If they deem 6th in the table right now not to be good enough then surely that means if City finish any lower than 5th Mancini will be gone to?

These guys obviously don't know football, in their heads the logic is simple. Replace a good manager with a better one, but things are never that straight forward.

Does Mancini even speak English well? Yes he's won honours in Italy but the guy has no experience in England. His training methods and way of playing will need time for the team to adapt to. Will the owners give him that time? Probably not if he doesn't finish in the top four this season.

Then you're back at square one again. A new manager, with new methods.

I am beginning to believe it's only a matter of time before clubs start sacking managers after five games, or after a bad signing, its all become a tad ridiculous.

Clubs like Manchester City must ultimately fail in obtaining instant success if the game's newcomers are to learn anything about the English game.

Time will tell whether Mancini does succeed at City but the sacking of Hughes marks a sad day for the geniune football supporter.