It’s the day after the night before and the dust and settled on what was Liverpool’s ninth league defeat. This blog post was purposely delayed until today to avoid any forthcoming knee-jerk reaction.

Unfortunately, as a Liverpool supporter I am still left seething with the utterly lifeless performance that was Wigan away. Even the best teams have their off days but the fact remains Liverpool have had too many off days this season, especially away from Anfield. Sunderland, Portsmouth, Reading, Fiorentina, Fulham and Wigan, the list goes on of genuinely pathetically poor performances.

It was the first time that I can remember Rafa Benitez visibly incensed in his post match interview, you could tell he was hurting. Benitez very rarely, if at all, criticises his team but last night was an exception that needed to be made.

These professional footballers that supposedly ‘crave’ Champions League football did their best impression at not showing it last night. There was no heart, no ambition, no imagination, no fluidity and no passion. To manage not one effort on target on against, let’s get this right, a distinctly average Wigan side is borderline embarrassing, not to mention the fact the pitch had been re-laid.

Despite all of this Liverpool could have nicked at least a point (if not all three) had Fernando Torres found his shooting boots. However, if Liverpool had taken anything from this game it would have masked the genuine failings of this team.

The spirited performances of Javier Mascherano and Sotiris Kyriakos have to be mentioned, along with Pepe Reina - but that goes without saying. But too many top players disappointed and went missing, and that includes the influential skipper. I have never seen Steven Gerrard give away so many passes in one game. Dirk Kuyt another, his mishap for the goal was painful to say the least.

Last night added further weight to the argument that Emiliano Insua needs to be replaced at left back, Fabio Aurelio is injured and there is no other first team left back in the squad but a genuine defender is desperately required, Daniel Agger maybe?

The lad has been run ragged by virtually every right sided midfield player in the league. Hell, he even made Jobi McAnuff look like Cristiano Ronaldo. I have stood by Insua in the past, the guy is still young and showed much promise prior to this season but it makes you wonder how many poor performances warrant being dropped.

In reality, how many wake up calls do this side need? Seriously, enough of all the talk of ‘we will turn things round’ and ‘we have turned a corner’, time to put up or shut up. On this evidence Liverpool won’t finish in the top four and more importantly, don’t deserve to.

Liverpool still have time on their side and a favourable set of fixtures compared to their Champions League rivals but something has to radically change between now and Thursday night, this side does not lack ability and it’s about time the player’s started showing it.